Monkeys in Panajachel

There is a nature park in Panajachel, across the lake from San Pedro.  There are monkeys at the park.  And apparently, you could feed bananas to the monkeys.

Sundays are usually pretty quiet in San Pedro, so my friend Katie and I decided to get a boat to Panajachel for the day.  Before leaving, I packed us some bananas and looked at a map to figure out how to get to the park.

After getting off the boat in Pana, I walked us in pretty much the exact opposite direction of where we were supposed to go and into the center of town.  We arrived at the main church just as a huge procession was coming out the door. We made our way through the crowd, then continued on to Reserva Natural Atitlán.

Upon arriving, we set out with our bananas to find some monkeys.  Here’s (sort of) what happened:

My photos are here.


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