Día de San Pedro

I didn’t do much research before leaving on my trip.  Among the things I learned after arriving:

  • Guatemala is very not flat.
  • June is the start of el invierno, which means it’s rained almost every day I’ve been here.
  • I would be in San Pedro La Laguna for el Día de San Pedro on June 29.

In San Pedro, this is a huge two week celebration.  The activities include:

Whatever the opposite of a bombero is.

  • Parades.
  • Church processions.
  • Bands playing hasta las seis de la mañana.
  • A carnival with multiple Ferris Wheels.
  • The finals of the local fútbol league.
  • Rodeos.
  • Bombas.  Scheduled for 4am in the official program of events.

Here’s a video I made of the parade:

My photos are here.

The aftermath.


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