Packing List

Inspired by Tynan and Tim Ferriss, among others, I’ve tried to pack as minimally as possible.  I thought I did reasonably well on my month-long trip to Israel and Egypt, fitting everything into a small backpack and a carry-on duffel bag.  I did, however, make some questionable choices, most notably bringing a leather jacket with me.

Total weight: 19 pounds

This trip will be six months longer, and I’ll be taking about half as much.  Everything fits into my Deuter Futura 28 liter backpack.  Here’s what I’m taking:



Other Stuff


4 thoughts on “Packing List

  1. …and honestly, get a bigger pack and drop the duffel in my opinion. If you can’t carry it on a plane, don’t bring it. Did you look into the Kelty Redwing 44 or Osprey Porter 46. One bag, six months, I did it with the Redwing.

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