Itinerary: June-December 2011

I’m going to be traveling for the next seven months.  Other than my flights, I don’t have all that much planned out.  I’d love suggestions for what I should see and do, as well as what I should avoid.

I’ll update my plans here as I figure out what I’m doing.  Here’s what I have so far:

  • June 9– Seattle, USA to Guatemala City, Guatemala
    • I’ll start off by attempting to learn Spanish at Cooperativa Spanish School in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala (June 11-?).
    • I’ll be getting my Advanced Open Water Scuba certification at Utila Dive Center in the Bay Islands, Honduras (~July 16-22).
  • July 25 – San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Panama City, Panama
  • July 27– Panama City, Panama to Barcelona, Spain
    • I’m meeting up with my brother in Madrid (August 4), then going to Morocco with him.
  • August 7 – Madrid, Spain to Tangier, Morocco
  • August 13– Marrakech, Morocco to Edinburgh, Scotland
    • My cousin is getting married in Glasgow, so I’ll meet up with my whole family.
  • August 25 – London, England to Panama City, Panama
  • August 28– Panama City, Panama to Bogota, Colombia
    • I’m going to try to get from Bogota to Buenos Aires by bus.
  • December 16 – Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile
  • December 23 – Santiago, Chile to Easter Island, Chile
  • December 28 – Easter Island, Chile to Quito, Ecuador
  • December 31 – Quito, Ecuador to Seattle, USA

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